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Developing a new business relationship with our clients, becoming friends is also a real challenge for us. We need to change what we were usually doing. We need to change our habits and ways of thinking. It is a real challenge because that change won’t come only from our systems and organization. It will come from our people, from our teams. It will come from the pleasure they have of working at ARCH. Teaching our values on a daily basis, always. Practicing, experiencing and enjoying the time we have together. That is why company events are so important for us!.

Here is the true ARCH, without masks. Hope you will enjoy it!

2011.03.05. Picking up Strawberry

2011.03.05. Picking up Strawberry

relax from work

It is a good time for relaxing from work and reinforcing employee relationship by picking up strawberry all together!

2011.01.14. Annual Dinner

2011.01.14. Annual Dinner

Party Time, Fly Together !

In 2010, we had a very good time in Arch;

In 2011, we will fly together with Arch.

Happy New Year!

Let’s enjoin party!

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