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By admin, Dec, 20 2012

We know that buying from China is at risk for you. That is why, Shanghai Arch Industrial Ltd is willing to give you all the information you need for making the right decision while selecting new supplier for  your bags and luggage project.

We are a honest company and so we have nothing to hide.


1. Company profile :

> You will find our company profile here : http://www.arch-bags.com/company-profile/


2. Pricing :

> When we make a quotation our price is valid for 3 months.
> You can ask for the price calculation details to your sales representative.
> We won’t change the price when the order is confirmed.


3. Quality :

> Our bags comply with all International standard such TOV, CSCV, SGS, TUV, ITS, REACH etc.
> Our QC are running 3 quality checks : supplies check, middle of production and end of production check.
> Our sales representative will also take part of the quality check during and at the end of the production.
> Our quality is guaranteed : if the production does not match the “gold” sample you have approved for mass production, we will refund you the money or rework the goods for free.

Learn more about our quality organization here : http://www.arch-bags.com/arch-care/quality-and-system/


4. Intellectual property :
> We won’t sell your design to others companies.
> We won’t sell the same product to one of your competitor on your market.
> You won’t purchase a copy of branded product.


5. Factory tour, audit and 3rd part QC :
> You are welcome to visit our headquarter and production facility anytime. We will be very happy to show you how we are going to care of you and your orders.

> If you like to send auditors and 3rd part QC, we will assist them in their work.


6. Questions?

> You can contact us for any question or for any information you would like to get from us. We will answer you with details and without compromise.

Email : marketing@arch-bags.com or http://www.arch-bags.com/contact-us/


Transparency and confidence is one of the value from Arch. And we can bring much more to you!


See more about what values we could bring to your business here : http://www.arch-bags.com/value-of-arch/

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