Trolley Case (FG2119T)







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General Description



M. O. Q.: 1000PCS

 Item name: Trolley Case

Size: 19/24/29"
Material:  tapestry 
Trolley system: internal trolley system with push button locking handle
Wheels: flight wheels(8)
Handles: material handle at the top and side, 20" without side handle
Lining: 190T full lining
Customized design, size, color and logo are acceptable
Products meet US and European standards

About our ranking

Helping you finding the right item for your business!

In order to help you in your decision of inquiry a product, Arch online catalogue proposes to guide you in your choice by providing a RANKING for each product. The RANKING shows a notation about the PERFORMANCE of the bag (4 mains buying criteria: practical, ergonomics, durability, weight) and the COST of the bag.

Made by expert !

Each parts of your item has been carefully checked and ranked by a team composed of technicians, buyers and sales.


Our ranking is only availble for Trolley case items. We consider the suitcase as the most expansive product and main item of your set. Therefore, we have decided to guide you on that type of bags at first!

Soon !

We will provide you similar ranking for bags and hardcase trolley. For bags and hardcase, the production process and supplies are different and so the rules of ranking. We are working on it but it takes some times. Sorry for the inconvenience!



To rank product, we have to compare products with each others. But, we can not compare a Trolley case with a backpack. These products are very different from each other. We can not compare the cost a 20’ suitcase with the cost of a 28’ suitcase. Finally, we can not compare the cost of a single item with the cost of a set of items.

For all these reasons and for giving you the most accurate information, we have set up the following price system and rules.

What Price

This rule doesn’t mean that we are producing 20 / 24 / 28 inches trolley case. We can customize our products to the size you need.


  • For set including trolley case and bags item, the price is only based on the price of the trolley case (main item of the set).
  • Our prices are for reference only. Ask for your quotation to get our exact price.

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