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By admin, Sep, 26 2012

The “getting closer with ARCH” is for us the occasion to show you our peoples, the one who are making what is Arch today and the one who are going to deal with you and with your business.
Transparency is one of our businesses basic because we want you to feel comfortable and confident with us.

Today, we will introduce you one of the most important people for you – our quality manager:
Johnson Wu.

1-What is your job and working experience?

My job is to be in charge of the quality of our products. I must make sure that they are conforming to customer’s requirements.
I have been in this industry for more than 20 years from worker to spare parts purchaser and now as Quality Control manager. So, I know the spare parts and most of the factories at my fingertip.

2- If you were a…”Chinese portrait”:

–If I was an animal, I would be an ox. Actually, I am an ox man. I am hard-working, stubborn, responsible and loyal.
–If I was a color, I would be white. I think white is the simplest color.
–If I was a season, I would be autumn. I like the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant in autumn.
–If I was an element, I would be water. Because I want everyone likes me just like everyone needs the water.

3- For our buyer and reader, could you please give them some tips to our buyer for improving their sourcing methods? How can they see easily and quickly if a factory is good at manufacturing luggage and bags?

Checking the unqualified products can quickly help us to know the standards of products of a factory. By checking the qualified products randomly buyers can verify this standard again.

Read more about Arch quality and our working process here:

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