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By admin, Dec, 20 2012

> Because buyer should stop asking for impossible target.
> Because there are no miracle. Buyer got what they pay for. A very low price gives very low quality and higher risks of quality problems in production.
> Because the trust is broken. Buyers think that factories are liars (they say “yes we can” but then the result is not good) and factories talked about “bad buyers”.
> Because the time is urgent! Buyer needs to get better price and good products to sell. Factories needs to keep a small margin and to keep their customers to keep running.


The solution lies in the “sustainable business” (nothing to do with “green” business).
> It’s about understanding of what quality level is possible to accept for the buyer and for the factory.
> It’s about loyalty, commitment and willingness to talk in transparency. It’s about “giving face”. It’s about motivation and human relationship.

> It’s about finding what is the “right” product : the result of a common discussion on what you need (style, features and materials) , your target price and the available manufacturing options to reach your requirements with stable quality.


What do you get?
You unleash the power of the dragon.
> “Guanxi” from the top management to negotiate the best prices for you and to get extra care for your production (You know that China has more than 1000 of years of business deal. They have their own organization and way of making business. And this is not because of your “blue” eyes that they will change the way they do).
> Your sales rep and technical team is fully implicated in searching solutions for you (yes they are also human being and, like you, they need to believe in a project to be totally motivated).

In short, with your trust (and giving face), you can unleash the power of the dragon and enjoy the incredible resources that China could offer to your business.  You get better price and less risk for your order. Not only! You make sure to pay the right price for the right product!

Yes, you heard right.


What do we get?
> A vision for tomorrow. We have some margin to survive and we can build lasting relationship with our clients.


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