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OUR VALUE – Solving your today’s “to do more with less” business challenge.

To do more with less is the challenge of the buyer in today’s economy. With a reduce margin to mistake, buyers need to perform more. They need to help their business becoming more aggressive, more dynamic and reactive to take the advantages on competitors to win the market. In short, they need to ask more to their supplier in China than just a low price. They need real added values services to support their activities and a deeper understanding of their today’s business challenges.

Performance, solutions, safety but also trust and transparency are now the new values that Chinese suppliers should bring to you, buyers. And here is the good news! This is what we do!

If you want to know more and to see how we do, you may check the following.



  • Low price guaranteed.

With our production lines in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Henan, Shanghai Arch industrial Ltd is located in one of the cheapest area for the production of luggage and bags in China.
Our strong relationship with our production partner (ownership of lines) helps us to negotiate for you the best prices from factories.

Our quoted prices are stable for 3 months. You will pay what you’ve paid for. We won’t change the quality of your product after you did place the order to us.

  • OEM? A sample matching your requirement -100%.

We own our sample room. We have a team of experience technicians to realize your sample. With the supervision of our sales team, we make sure that the workmanship reach all your requirements before sending the sample to you.

  • ODM? A large product choices to choose from with our online catalogue! From anywhere, at anytime and with convenience. Be safe from copyright problems.

You can browse a large ranges of bags and luggage with our on line catalogue. Our R&D team is constantly developing new styles for your ODM projects, from low to higher price. We guarantee that you won’t buy any branded product from us.
Our buying guide will help you to select items based on your own buying criteria (durability, practical, ergonomic, weight and price). You can also bookmark your favorite and create wish list for a better work organization.

Take a look to our on-line catalogue here : http://www.arch-bags.com/catalog/

  • On time delivery and storage – don’t miss anymore sales!

With the ownership of production lines, with a capacity of more than 13 000 pieces per day and with more than 7 years of experience in the production of bags and luggage we know what it takes to organize and to coordinate the production of your orders to deliver them on time to the port.

See more here about our production : http://www.arch-bags.com/solution/production

We have a dry, clean and safe storage facility waiting for your goods to be stored and ready to be shipped if your sales are taking off faster than you could have expected.

See more here : http://www.arch-bags.com/solution/storage-and-after-sales/


SOLUTIONS and FLEXIBILITY when you need it.

  • Price – the technical assistance you need to catch your price.

Let our experienced technicians to help you nding the solutions for reaching your target price while saving your minimum requirement in terms of product style and features.

  • Products – customization “live” or ask for your own design for the right product.

If you are not satisfied with our product in our catalogue, we propose you to customize your product “live” online by changing the accessories of your bags.
If you like a new style, we can design for you the exact product you are looking for. We have set up a business collaboration with a French industrial designer Guillaume Garait and his company INOVEO.

See more here : http://www.arch-bags.com/on-demand-design/



  • Quality of production – it’s guaranteed!

We simply guarantee the quality of our production to you. If you are not satisfied we refund you the money or rework the good for free.
For us a “gold sample” is the trust contract between us. Our dedicated team of QC’s will run post, during and after production quality checks (with your sales representative) to make sure that the production is the same as the “gold” sample.

Standard compliance – we export in Western Europe, USA!
Our bags may comply with all International standard such TOV, CSCV, SGS, TUV, ITS, REACH etc

See more about our quality system here : http://www.arch-bags.com/arch-care/quality-and-system/



  • Giving full attention to you and to your business needs.

Our English speaking team are trained to listen to your business challenges and to tailor our range of services to your exact needs.
We are open to the discussion and we thrive for challenges. Our motto is to “never let you down”.

  • Reducing the risks and taking the most of the particular Chinese business organization.

Chinese people are famous in the world for their ability of making business and for doing tricks. It’s long tradition in China old of 1000 of years. Even experienced buyers can’t understand the complexity of Chinese business and why sometimes prices can be so different from one situation to another.
Also, for reducing the risks of bad surprises and optimizing your gain, we offer you the local support you need to get the most of the Chinese business.

Learn more here about the advantages of the sustainable business in China :

Transparency and trust for building profitable business relationship.
Taking the most of each others can be done with only 2 words : trust and transparency! With no transparency, there is no trust. With no trust, there is no lasting and protable business relationship.
We want to be totally transparent with you. We have nothing to hide. If you have any doubts or question about us, we will tell you what you need to know and not what you need to hear from us!

You may check our Arch transparency chart here : http://www.arch-bags.com/arch-transparency-charter/


We are a honest company because we have understood that to survive in this world of competition we must invest in our asset, our strength and capital – YOU.

Try us and contact us now!

Email : marketing@arch-bags.com or http://www.arch-bags.com/contact-us/


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