"What is at the very beginning of ARCH story?

A toy! An airplane toy!
When I was very little, my dad brought me back a airplane toy from Panam Airlines. I was so happy because at that time it was not very easy to find such kind of toy in China and it was coming from the US! I was spending days playing with it, imagining stories where I was traveling to new countries seeing new places and meeting new people. Since then, I have kept that passion for the world of travel.

Loy Lu - General manager of Shanghai Arch"


Arch Story


ARCH has been set up in 2005. After 3 years working in a Trading company in Ningbo, Loy Lu and his friends have decided to start their own story by creating Shanghai L&J. The goal was already to improve the relationship and services offer to buyer.

FUNTURE brand has been created for export business. Covering a large range of bags and luggage, from holidays to business usage, FUNTURE is focus on new, practical and fashionable items.




In 2010, SHANGHAI ARCH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has been created. After 5 years in the industry, we were at the dawn of new business era. On top of offering good product, we wanted to reinforce our services and to transform the way we were doing business with our clients. We have set up the ARCH CARE system. Our goal is to change transaction type business relationship to efficient partnership.

Today, the mutation is complete with a new website proposing a unique online buying experience in the Chinese bags industry.


In 2011 LYOUL brand has been set up for the local Chinese market.

LYOUL brand definition is to propose higher quality of bags to the young generation of Chinese business woman and man.

In the coming years, we hope to start exporting our brand in different part of the world.